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Why Call SERVPRO For Your Commercial Mold Damage?

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

Molded drywall Call our office at the first sign of mold, we're open 24/7/365 (360) 254-0049

Mold on a Commercial Property: Employ a Restoration Company

The impact of mold on a commercial property in Felida, WA, can be disastrous. There are a variety of reasons it’s often important to employ a restoration company that is faster to any size disaster.

1. Control Odor

One of the first signs of mold growth is often a musty odor. However, there are certain techniques and tools that are often required to bring the level of mold spores down to an appropriate level. If mold has spread to various areas in a building, it is likely that more time will be needed to remove the odor. The sooner a restoration company can arrive at the commercial property, the easier it will likely be to remove the odor.

2. Allow Items To Be Restored

It’s not always possible to restore items that are affected by mold. Since replacing an item is generally more expensive than restoring an item, the cost of the insurance claim is likely to increase if many items in the building are destroyed. Though a slow response will cause belongings to become more damaged, employing a company that’s faster to any size disaster will likely be able to restore more items thanks to the timely response.

3. Cut Down Costs

When mold is noticed in a commercial property, a business often has to temporarily close its doors, which can result in a financial loss for the business. Additionally, a slow response from a restoration company can cause mold to spread and cause extensive damage in different parts of a property. However, a business will likely be able to reopen quickly if a restoration company can respond in a timely manner, and a quick response can also decrease the amount of damage that occurs, therefore lowering the cost of restoration.

When a company responds quickly to a business affected by mold, the restoration process can be positively impacted. A restoration business that is faster to any size disaster can help control the odor from mold, assist in restoring items and can lower the costs of restoration.

Furnace Maintenance: Avoiding a Home Fire

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged residential foyer Our goal is to inform our followers to take necessary action before it's to late. You can avoid disaster with proper maintenance.

As a homeowner in Vancouver, WA, you have the worst-case scenario on your mind. After all, if a storm damages your roof or a fire burns your kitchen, you are the one who has to call in a restoration team to deal with the aftermath. Taking preventative measures can help you avoid smoke or fire cleaning. Even something like normal furnace maintenance can help make your house safer.

Make Sure It Works: The first thing regular maintenance does is ensure your furnace will work when you need it to. Going through the winter without a working heating device can leave you and your family stranded in a cold situation.

Reduce Buildup: Furnace filters help keep the air in your home clean. If these filters aren't cleaned regularly, the gunk in them could cause the furnace to overheat. An overheating furnace could lead to a fire. Regularly replacing your furnace filter can actually reduce the need for fire cleaning.

Fix Faults: As furnaces age, they may accumulate faults. Faulty wires and poor shut-off mechanisms can make your home more dangerous. Faulty wires can easily cause sparks that lead to smoky fires and the need for a major smoke cleaning in your house.

Contain Gas: If your unit uses gas to heat the home, you have to worry about the gas filling your house. However, proper maintenance looks at the gas lines to ensure everything is hooked up properly. When you have this inspection done annually, it's easy for you to be aware of a potential problem.

Protect Fuses: Some older furnaces may cause a circuit in your house to trip. If you have a professional look at the equipment regularly, you will know when it is no longer functioning on the electrical system.

If you don't want to hire a professional to perform smoke or fire cleaning, you need to do what you can to prevent a fire from breaking out in your house. Regular furnace maintenance is one thing you should always do to keep your home safe.

SERVPRO’s Mold Protocol After a Flood

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded commercial hallway We’re #HERETOHELP 24/7

Mold may start to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours immediately following a flood. If your home experiences flooding, you should get rid of standing water, clean, disinfect, and dry the affected area as soon as possible. The following measures may prevent or limit the severity of mold growth.

Eliminate Flood Water

The faster you get flood water out of your home, the less likely mold spores will be to multiply. There are several ways to make your home less inviting for mold:

  • Pump out remaining water
  • Tear out porous contents and building materials
  • Use a wet vac to get rid of any puddles

Once all of the flood water is gone, it is time to clean and disinfect the affected area.

Clean and Disinfect

Flood water is classified as Category Three black water. This means that standing water may contain

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Sewage

For this reason, it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces and contents exposed to flood water. Mold also flourishes in undisturbed locations. Cleaning surfaces and eliminating porous contents that cannot be thoroughly cleaned, such as carpet or drywall, will make mold growth less likely.

Dry the Area

The more you can lower moisture levels following a flood, the less likely mold will be to grow. For this reason, homeowners or restoration experts should use equipment such as commercial- or industrial-grade

  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Fans

All of these appliances help to speed up drying. Dehumidifiers are particularly useful for maintaining low moisture levels in the air and drawing dampness out of semi-porous surfaces.

Removing water, cleaning and disinfecting, and drying are all ways to reduce the risk of mold growth. For the fastest mitigation process and less of an opportunity for mold to develop, rely on the professional equipment and extensive experience of residential water and storm damage specialists.

Meet The Owners

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

Owners Paul and Melinda McGraw standing outside Choose SERVPRO as your restoration company of choice because the staff was hand selected by these two!

Paul and Melinda have been active members of the Clark County metro area community their entire lives. Married in 2000 and still lovely as ever 21 years later. 

Starting his career in restoration in 1993, Paul worked along side his father, Pat, working on fire and water damage restoration after local SERVPROS had done the mitigation.

In 2013 the opportunity arose to own their own SERVPRO. Impressed by the overall brand, protocol and professionalism, Paul and Melinda agreed on the next chapter in their lives.

Together they have created a uniquely close-knit family of staff compiled of trained, and certified technicians, an office and production manager with 30 years experience when combined and a staff that is enjoys being around one another regardless of payment. 

Thank you Paul and Melinda!

Prepare Your Business For Colder Weather

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

remediated commercial lobby Invest in your business by preparing for the unknown. If you incur a water damage, call our 24/7/365 office at (360) 254-0049

When you think of flooding in commercial buildings, your mind may turn to heavy rains.

Downpours are a common cause of water damage in buildings. However, rain flooding isn't the only cause of indoor floods in Vancouver, WA. Cold weather can lead to standing water on your property due to a burst pipe.

Why Pipes Freeze

Pipes often freeze when the weather gets extremely cold. Not all plumbing that transports water has the same risk of freezing. Some piping may freeze more often:

  • Uninsulated plumbing in exterior walls
  • Outdoor sprinkler lines
  • Pipes in unheated spaces, like garages, attics or basements
  • Exterior hose bibs

These particular pipes often aren't heated, so when the cold weather strikes, the water within freezes. The freezing action causes the water within to expand, which is why some plumbing may burst open.

What to Do If Pipes Freeze

A frozen pipe does not necessarily have to turn into a burst pipe. If you catch the problem early enough, you may be able to thaw the water before it becomes a problem.

First, open a faucet to give the thawed water somewhere to go. Next, locate the frozen stretch by looking at the suspects listed above. Finally, apply warmth to the pipe using a hair dryer, towel soaked in warm water or another soothing form of heat. If a pipe does burst, you may need to call in a water restoration expert for help taking care of the water damage.

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Because no one wants to deal with flooding in his or her business, you may want to take some precautionary steps. You can keep a trickle of water running through faucets or spigots because running water can help stave off freezing. Keep the heat on in the building even if no one will be using it for a while.

You can't always stop storm damages from taking place in your commercial building. If you're unable to stop a burst pipe from happening to you, you at least know who to call for help.

Winterizing Your Clark County Property

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

burst frozen copper pipe Our team is always on standby with 24 hour service. Call day or night, we're "Here to help." Call (360) 254-0049

Freezing temperatures and winter weather can cause damage to your home and business if you aren’t properly protected. Freezing rain, high speed winds, sleet and snow can all cause costly damages to your home and business. We understand you can’t control the weather but you can take measures that will prepare you so you won’t feel the bite from the frost.

- Check your property for downed tree limbs and branches. Weather such as wind, heavy rain, ice and snow can cause branches to fall, which could cause damage to property and potentially cause personal injuries.

- Roofs, water pipes and gutters should all be inspected they are in proper order. Gutter downspouts should be directed away from your building. Clear gutters of debris that may have gathered during the fall. Leaves and other obstructions can lead to a damming effect, causing roof damage and interior water problems.

- Clean chimneys and exhaust systems to ensure they are free of debris.

- Test gas lines if they have been dormant to ensure they are in good working order with no leaks.

- Inspect your property, especially walkways and parking lots, for proper drainage to alleviate flood hazard potential.

- Protect pipes from freezing by allowing water to drip when temperatures dip below freezing. If pipes are under a cabinet, leave the cabinet doors open allowing warm inside air to circulate around the pipes. Make sure all exterior pipes are properly insulated.

- If the building has outdoor faucets, consider shutting water off at the main valve in the basement or crawl space. Once the valve is off, open the outdoor faucet to ensure it drains, preventing any remaining water from freezing in the pipe.

- Make sure all of your exterior doors, garages, roll-ups and windows have sufficient weather stripping.

- Ask your local SERVPRO franchise professionals about completing an emergency READY profile (ERP) for your business. The ERP is a no cost assessment to your facility, and provides you with a plan to get back in business fast following a disaster.

Hail Storm Damage

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Boarded up business. When hail damage strikes your commercial property, consider contacting a storm damage cleanup and restoration team.

Although perhaps not as spectacular as flooding, tornadoes, or hurricanes, hail may be one of the most costly and damaging weather occurrences each year, according to many climatological experts. With estimates of damage in the billions of dollars, property owners and farmers face losses that only seem to grow with each passing year. Roof damage, smashed windshields, and wrecked crops are only a few of the possible scenarios in Vancouver, WA, when hail strikes.

Size Matters

Hail typically appears during a severe thunderstorm and can often range in size from half of an inch to softball size. When hail reaches about one inch in diameter, it can become capable of immense property damage. As the ice ball size increases, damage may also increase to automobiles, buildings, and machinery. When the hail size rating moves from cosmetic to functional, and finally to irreparable, the destruction may begin to affect employees and their livelihood.

Broken Windows

It is probably no surprise that water damage often follows a severe hail storm. Broken windows and roof damage are only part of the problem. As broken and hail-cracked siding allows rain to seep into the building, insulation can soak up water and cause a great deal of water damage. The same is true of missing shingles and wind-torn flashing. Torrential rain can seep beneath roofing materials and cause water to collect in attics, do electrical damage, and even result in flooding.

Finding Help

Hail can cause roof damage, but it can also cause enough destruction to close your building, and perhaps temporarily close your business. To rectify the situation, when hail damage strikes your commercial property in Vancouver, WA, consider contacting a storm damage cleanup and restoration team to help get your building open again. The team can limit further damage and reduce the building’s down time. That can ultimately save you money and keep your employees or tenants happy.

Why Call SERVPRO Professionals After A Fire?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

Before and after of fire damaged bathroom Please call SERVPRO of Vancouver / Clark Co. 24/7 365 days a year! (360) 254-0049

After a fire, your house is left with lingering smoke that can be harmful to your health and property. The best thing to do in such a situation is to clean smoke immediately because if you ignore it, the smoke will cause massive damage on your property which will require more money to clean than if you had cleaned it soon enough. If the smoke is not cleaned as soon as possible, the items that will be mostly affected by smoke are drapes, carpets, upholstery and walls because they will become permanently discolored. Glass will become extremely etched, and metals will tarnish which will require replacement.

You might think that you can do a good job at cleaning smoke by yourself without any basic knowledge and skills on how to go about it but this can lead to you causing further damage on the items. The best thing to do will be to hire experienced SERVPRO professionals to do the cleaning and restore the home to the state it was in before the fire disaster struck.

One of the advantages of using SERVPRO experts to clean soot is that we have specialized tools which are crucial in eliminating smoke. These are tools such as extractors, rotary scrubbers, and wet cleaning tools. Another advantage is that we have a lot of experience in doing such work; therefore, we will know the right steps to take in cleaning your home and preventing further damage on your property.

Indeed, bringing in a SERVPRO professional on site will save you a lot of headaches and ensure that you get rid of smoke and fire damage efficiently.

Is Your Water Damaged Carpet Salvageable?

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

Water extraction from carpet in residence If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call our office! (360) 254-0049

  1. While there are a variety of things running through your mind after a pipe break or other situation has occurred in your home, dealing with the aftermath means taking quick and decisive action to save your furnishings. After all, restoration should be handled by professionals, and the faster they can stop the spread of damage across your carpet, the better. Here’s how to determine the extent of the problem and whether your flooring is going to need replacing.

    1. Consider the amount of time that’s passed

    If the water damage incident occurred within the last 24 hours, it can generally be handled fast enough for your flooring to be saved. A few fans set up around the room and opening the windows can help speed along the drying process until professionals arrive. Furthermore, if the mess was a result of a regular ground pipe break or a broken supply line running to your sink or dishwasher, your home’s rugs or flooring can often be cleaned quickly and efficiently. However, once that time period has passed or the water is deemed to be from a hazardous source, the possibility of restoring your floor becomes less likely.

    2. Seek out the source of the water

    A situation involving a clean water source, as described above, can generally be considered a non-hazardous zone when it comes to water damage. However, if a sewage line breaks or the damage was caused by an environmental flood, your carpet has been compromised due to bacteria, viruses, fungi and potential diseases. This result calls for professional help and often means your flooring isn’t going to be salvageable.

    Whether you’re dealing with a pipe break or other causes of water damage, it’s always best to call on professionals to help recover your home’s furnishings. When you’re looking for clarification regarding the restoration of your flooring, follow these helpful tips to gain a better understanding of the situation and proceed from there.

We Are Your Local SERVPRO!

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tuff truck at Clark County Fair We are a small business with big heart. One of our favorite events to enter is Clark County Tuff Trucks, look for our driver in 2022!

SERVPRO is a nationally known name with over 1700 franchises, each individually owned and operated. SERVPRO of West Vancouver/Clark County is staffed with men and women from; you guessed it, Clark County. From downtown Vancouver to the East in Camas/ Washougal, or North in Yacolt; we are your local SERVPRO.

Clark County is the fifth largest county in the state with an average growth rate of nearly 2% and yet it still has a small town feel. However, with that many people comes a diversity of needs and plans for expansion to support our community. SERVPRO of East Vancouver/Clark County looks for opportunity to be involved; whether it’s volunteering at the Clark Country Parade of Homes, sponsoring a hole at a local golf tournament benefiting a charity or getting our hands dirty on a Saturday to build homes for families with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity. Please don't hesitate to ask us to get involved in your cause, we would love to give a hand up.

Although we are a part of a large corporation, we are also a small business. We are your neighbors, your friends or even family members and we understand what it means to be involved in this community. We are your local SERVPRO.