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We Can Help Prevent Puffbacks In Your Vancouver Home

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Let our SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. professionals show you how we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

Cleaning The Furnace In Your Vancouver Home To Prevent Puffbacks

With winter always feeling perpetually around the corner for parts of Washington, it is vital to take the necessary steps to protect your Vancouver home from entirely preventable circumstances. Through the harshest winter months, your home’s furnace sees excessive use attempting to regulate and maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. Especially in oil-based furnaces, lack of proper maintenance can lead to an alarming situation: puff backs. This phenomenon sends soot and carcinogens throughout your ductwork, attaching to registers, vents, and the corners of affected rooms.

An excellent way to identify this need for fire cleanup in Vancouver homes is by looking along the ceiling of your property for black groupings that look like spider webs. The misfiring of your furnace results from a buildup of vapor in the ignition chamber of the furnace which powerfully combusts when the system does eventually ignite. The explosion sends debris, soot, and other particulates throughout your system at an alarming pace, allowing it to circulate through areas even far from the incident. Our SERVPRO professionals can help.

There are two primary focuses that a homeowner should have when faced with these circumstances, to clean out the system and to efficiently remove the soot damage throughout the property. To accomplish the first, you have to get the furnace system serviced. You have to get the ignition chamber cleared of any further threats and work to make the other elements of the system more efficient to prevent this buildup from occurring again. To reduce the risk of recurrences, this maintenance and inspection should happen annually.

Removing the soot is something that many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can address on their own, but this can be more of a hurdle than many realize. Soot becomes easily smeared, which can mar surfaces and materials to the point of requiring replacement, or a fresh coat of paint. All of these added steps take time and require more out of pocket expense from the customer to accomplish. Instead, you can trust in the many approaches our SERVPRO team has for removing soot in your house, including HEPA vacuums and chemical sponges.

Furnace puff backs are a common problem with oil furnaces throughout the area, but a fast reaction on your part can protect your home and its contents from staining soot damage. Let our SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. professionals show you how we can make it “Like it never even happened.” by calling (360) 695-4418.

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How Does SERVPRO Clean Fire Damage from Vancouver Walls and Ceilings?

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the training and cleaning methods to restore your home after fire damage.

Types of Cleaning After Fire Damage in Your Home

After fire damage occurs in a home, it is not automatically a given that the walls and ceilings require repainting. Depending on several factors, including the amount of smoke damage and blistering of the paint from the high heat, the walls and ceilings may very well have restoration potential through our proprietary cleaning applications.

When SERVPRO arrives onsite to restore fire damage in a Vancouver home, we work hard to ensure there is minimal loss of possessions and building materials. We have access to specialized equipment and the training as taught by the approved methodology through The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. On a case by case basis, this training enables us to lessen the loss homeowners experience after a fire.

As we clean the fire loss areas in the home, we inspect the walls and ceilings and ascertain the cleaning necessary through both visuals as well as testing the residue. We utilize three main methods for cleaning these areas in the home: 

  • Dry Cleaning-this type of cleaning works best for powdery residue left behind by the burning of wood or paper. We use dry cleaning sponges to pick it up and remove it.
  • Wet Cleaning-a sponge wet with the application of our professional-quality cleaning solutions assists with the lifting off of heavy, greasy residues. Our technicians use this approach most often to clean walls, ceilings, metal, or wood.
  • Peroxide Active Cleaning-this is a cleaning method developed by SERVPRO to clean acoustical ceilings and porous surfaces without harming the exterior coating. 

When we clean walls and ceilings, SERVPRO designates them as "cleaning for paint" or "no paint." The latter designation means after cleaning, the surface does not require painting. As a fire burns, the hot air expands and drives soot into heated paint, in cases like this, the areas probably need repainting. When "cleaning for paint," our technicians take into consideration during mitigation that we are also preparing the surface for repainting as part of the restoration services. 

SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. at (360) 695-4418 is available 24/7 to help local property owners limit their loss from fire damage through our exclusive methods and equipment. Our goal is to restore every home to its preloss condition and make the damage to your home "Like it never even happened."

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What Vancouver Flood Damaged Big Ticket Items are Restorable?

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

We had to remove furniture and flooring to dry this home. Some furniture was salvageable, but some required discarding.

Handling Large Items Damaged by Flooding in Vancouver 

One of the most damaged items in a Vancouver home is the flooring. Everyday wear and tear already compromise carpets and rugs. Its position makes soiling inevitable, and disasters only place more of a burden on a home's floors. Other furnishings in a home also suffer during a disastrous event. SERVPRO helps families recover by restoring their home and its contents.

After the water drains away from your house in Vancouver, seeing the flood damage's extent becomes possible. Some things we can more easily restore, while other items require disposal. Many items fall in between these two ranges. Then, the customer and the insurance adjuster should discuss the replacement costs and the expense involved with restoration, along with the likelihood of success.

Carpeting is one component of the typical home that rarely survives the flood. The work required to bring it up to adequately safe condition again, coupled with the need to replace the pad, dry the sub-floor, and remove any discoloration can become extensive. However, we regularly restore damaged rugs, including larger ones, which helps to bring back the personality of the customer's home.

Other significant items that carry a higher price tag include many furniture items. When flooding happens and saturates the wood and upholstery, we need to dry these, get them deodorized, and treat them to eliminate any pathogens. Cleaning the upholstery also removes sand, soils, and chemicals that flooding draws into your house. We treat wood, including frames, trim, and entire pieces with unique oil treatments that prevent splitting. Cracking along the grain and warping commonly happens in items that become too dry after a period of saturation.

One exception to furniture that we can salvage after a flood is your family's mattresses. We do try to save box springs, but many places only sell mattresses when the customer also purchases a box spring. While we can restore the frame in most situations, the mattress, poses more risks than what restoration saves you. Tall cabinets, wardrobes, and other items need to be wiped down, dried and then deodorized.

Appliances often become so waterlogged during a flood that restoring them becomes futile. While the interior might seem cleanable, we cannot reach into the sealed compartments found in so many modern appliances. Insulated doors on refrigerators can lose the ability to keep food cold, as well as become a breeding ground for all types of pathogens. Interior parts on stoves can rust, becoming fire hazards. Other household items can pose electrical hazards. Replacing them becomes the safest option, and SERVPRO can correctly dispose of these for you.

Restoration of a home with flood damage means getting everything back how it was before, "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. has the resources and skilled technicians to make this a reality for your family. After flooding affects your home in Salmon Creek, Ridgefield, or La Center, call us at (360) 695-4418 for fast service from a reliable team.

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An Education on How Water Damage Affects Vancouver Schools

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

We want to help your water damage so that you can keep school in session.

Crucial Steps to Deal with Commercial Water Damage in Your Vancouver School

Water spills that happen in your school can be accidental or even acts of truancy by some students.  However, what matters once the incident happens is the steps you take to mitigate the loss, and restore normalcy. Stopping the water source fast helps ease the other steps that follow. Although the janitorial staff and other workers can manage some aspects of the loss, involving a professional team helps guarantee thoroughness.   

The intensity of a commercial water damage incident in Vancouver schools depends on how it unfolds. If a main supply line bursts, it can release vast amounts of water within a short while even when you manage to stop the source quickly.  A spill that happens in the middle of the night can also go unnoticed for a long time, leading to widespread damage. We help you deal with disasters when they occur. Our SERVPRO team can also help you prepare a proper response plan that your staff and restoration teams can follow when there is a loss. We do this by creating a digitized ERP, Emergency Ready Profile, which can be promptly accessed.  

With the large open hallways in a school setting, water from a single source can spread over vast areas.  Although the spilled water may not damage the materials in the halls easily, it exposes the students and everyone else to the risk of slip and fall accidents.  Fast extraction of the standing water is therefore necessary. Our SERVPRO team can handle such expedited water extraction using truck-mounted water extractors and wet vacs.  

Water loss incidents can damage building materials in the walls and the ceiling if the spill originates from an elevated source. Restoration in such cases requires controlled tear-down of the affected areas to remove all damaged materials and access any water that finds a way into concealed cavities.  Our SERVPRO technicians have the expertise to make flood cuts and punch vent holes or weep holes without causing unnecessary damages.  

For a faster and thorough restoration of water damage in your Salmon Creek, Ridgefield or La Center school, call SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. to help. You can reach us at (360) 695-4418 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Available 24/7 For Your Vancouver Flood Damage Restoration Services

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Contaminated black water usually means a controlled demolition of the affected materials in a Vancouver home.

Can You Stay in Your Vancouver Home After Flood Damage?

Flooding can produce harmful and even dangerous conditions for Vancouver residents depending on the severity of these disasters inside of a house. While no family wants to relocate or become displaced when flood damage occurs, an assessment of the severity and the apparent risks by professionals must occur to determine if staying in the house is a viable option. Understanding potential hazards and risks can help you to appreciate not only your need for professional restoration services, but also how your family and pets can become affected.

The more severe the flood damage in Vancouver homes, the more widespread its effects can be within a property. Instead of affecting a single room, powerful moving water or breaches to areas like your roof or exterior walls can allow unabated water flow that can move quickly from one point to another in the house. Even with the fast response that you can expect from our SERVPRO professionals when contending with flooding, much of our restoration efforts are reactions to existing conditions when our team first arrives at the property.

Some homes only have limited exposure, such as flood damage that originates in the attic where mitigation work can begin quickly. Containment efforts and effective drying solutions can prevent the spread of these damages to lower levels, so it is possible in some of these scenarios for families to remain in the home during the restoration and recovery efforts.

Unfortunately, there are also widespread circumstances in which contamination becomes a legitimate threat. In these situations, even with a lower threshold for affected areas and overall damage, the safest approach is to encourage homeowners to seek temporary accommodations elsewhere until our SERVPRO professionals can successfully disinfect and begin drying out damages.

While it can save you money to not have to seek out temporary housing for your family during an already traumatic experience, in certain situations, it is unavoidable. You can trust in the fast turnaround and quality output of our SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. team to get you back in the house quickly. Give us a call whenever disaster strikes at (360) 695-4418.

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SERVPRO's Pack-Out Services Allow Flexibility for Restoring Fire Damaged Possessions in Vancouver

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

Our Pack-Out services allow us to safely and securely move your possessions to our facilities for storage and cleaning.

Protect Your Possessions with a Pack-Out after a Vancouver Home Fire

The mess and chaos homeowners view after firefighters leave their Vancouver home cause feelings of despair and helplessness. Charred, wet, and soot-covered walls, floors, and ceilings are hard to imagine cleaned and repaired, ready to welcome you and loved ones. Perhaps the most heartbreaking is the apparent loss of household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions that made your house a home. Our team can help remediate both structures and contents of your home post-fire.

Specially-trained technicians can help preserve the lifetime of memories contained inside your fire damaged Vancouver home. Moving articles from your house to our production facility gives you a wealth of cleaning, drying, and remediation options much more difficult to implement if they remain on-site at your home. We are happy to explain how we manage a fire damage pack-out and recommend it in many cases to speed the work at your house while at the same time giving your treasures the attention they need.

SERVPRO uses the Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) to ensure we document the description of every item removed from your fire-damaged home. We use modern techniques like digital photography and barcoding to create the inventory, but also employ traditional strategies like lists for each room cleared when indicated and practical. Throughout the process, we work with your insurance carrier to provide documentation crucial to the payment of claims.

SERVPRO Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) can proceed more efficiently within cleared spaces at your home, removing water and soot and assessing charring and other damage without the need to continuously move furniture and other items around. Meanwhile, you can rely on our Contents Processing Technicians (CPT) to take exceptional care when cleaning, drying, deodorizing, and remediating everything from your furniture to intricate heirloom china and precious metals to papers and books to your children’s toys and beloved stuffed animals.

Our resources include industrial washers, dryers, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning tubs, access to freeze-drying services, and many other strategies our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Reconstruction Certification (IICRC)-trained production technicians know to work well. We take pride in the results and understand how important returning your possessions to function and appearance is to your peace of mind.

SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. responds to your fire damage scenario with professionalism and compassion. Call (360) 695-4418 round the clock to partner with our multi-talented and IICRC certified team.

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Contact SERVPRO For Your Water Damage Remediation Needs In Vancouver

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

A slow leak in a pipe in your home can cause this type of water damage. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Water Damage Remediation in Your Vancouver Kitchen

The cleanup of water damage incidents in your home should never be a DIY event when the scale of the damage could compromise other areas such as subflooring or in wall cavities. If inadequate cleanup or drying measure occurs, the excessive moisture has the potential for mold growth or foul odors.

SERVPRO technicians answered a call from a Vancouver homeowner with a water damage issue in her home. There was a slow leak for a while with a supply line connection, and it finally burst under her kitchen cabinets. She cleaned up what she could, had the leak repaired and then was advised by her adjuster to call us. We drilled weep holes in the wet sheetrock to assist for faster drainage and because of the elevated humidity levels in this area of Washington State, checked for signs of mold growth. Fortunately, we found none.

We then used our moisture detection equipment to track the migration pattern of the water in the kitchen. The homeowner did an excellent job removing the water she could see; however, our equipment showed excessive moisture levels remained under the cabinets where the leak occurred. SERVPRO technicians go through extensive training to become certified in different restoration science, among them Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) which gives them the expertise to diagnose and clean up damage from water loss events which results in more contents and building materials saved through restoration.

Because water remained under the cabinets for a few days, a strong odor remained in the room after the water extraction and drying. We needed to apply odor control techniques to neutralize the odor. 

The control of odors is often a multi-layered process that requires more than a single approach. Gels pellets cover pungent scents, but in the case of water odors, these sometimes need more robust applications. We have equipment such as hydroxyl generators that neutralize airborne particulate at the molecular level. We chose to use ultra-low-volume fogging to eradicate the remaining odor under the cabinet area.  

SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. stands ready to assist property owners with water damage 24/7. Call us at (360) 695-4418 for fast remediation against water loss to make it "Like it never even happened."

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Don’t Stress About Fire Damage Remediation in Your Vancouver Residence

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage remediation is not an easy job to handle alone. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Effective Tools for Cleaning Soot Damage in Vancouver Homes

Cleaning up after a fire loss incident can often be much more challenging than many Vancouver residents might care to believe. With many of the effects spreading far from the ignition point throughout the property, it is easy for homeowners to become overwhelmed with even the initial damage assessment and debris removal. Beyond these initial tasks, our professionals must also tackle spreading effects like foul odors and soot damages.

Soot is a common effect after a fire damage incident occurs in any Vancouver home. While the thickness and severity of the residue can vary based on the materials that get burned during a loss incident, overcoming these effects often requires the same approach from our trained SERVPRO fire restoration specialists. We have advanced equipment that can quickly handle damaging conditions like soot and smoke residues, including green cleaners, chemical sponges, and high-powered vacuums.

As with many of the hurdles that a homeowner faces after a fire loss incident, addressing soot damage requires specific steps happening in a particular order. Our SERVPRO team begins with the use of high-powered portable vacuums. These units have a strong suction to pull loose debris and the bulk of settled carcinogens and other debris from the surface of materials and contents throughout the property.

Chemical sponges can either get used wet or dry on surfaces and materials. In many cases, an individual sponge is good for a single use in a property, cleaning an average of 50 sq. feet before needing to get discarded. These special products can cut down to the surface of the affected material or item in your house, removing any staining and remaining buildup. Cleaning agents with scrubbers and sponges can get used for removing any lingering soot and begins to address strong odors.

We understand the importance of a fast reaction when soot effects spread throughout your property. The longer that these conditions persist, the worse they can become. Let our SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. professionals show you advanced equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (360) 695-4418.

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How Commercial Water Loss Incidents Affect Offices in Vancouver

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can dry your office and get you back in the business of doing business.

Unique Challenges that Commercial Water Damage in Vancouver Office Buildings Can Present

Managing a building with offices may not present many unique challenges since most of the tenants follow predictable routines in their daily activities. However, a water loss incident in such premises can cause great inconvenience and leave a significant restoration bill if you do not respond appropriately. We offer professional restoration services in Vancouver that can help shield you from significant loss.  

The large open hallways common in many office blocks can present a challenge after water damage in Vancouver. Without facing any physical barriers, spilled water can spread to a broader area lengthening the extraction process. If there is significant foot traffic in the building, the damage can spread even further. One way to overcome this challenge is by using sophisticated extraction equipment, which eases the removal process. Our SERVPRO technicians use different extraction equipment such as ride-on high volume extractors, which carry the technicians as they remove water reducing the work strain.  

The materials used on floors and other surfaces in office complexes can present challenges after water spills. Carpets can absorb vast amounts of water while joints on tiles can allow seepage leading to issues such as mold development. Removing the floor materials to extract water is useful but can lengthen the period it takes to restore the property to preloss condition. Our SERVPRO technicians use sophisticated equipment to facilitate extraction without removing the floor materials. For example, combining a water claw and with a portable or truck mounted water extractor allows us to extract water from a carpet in place. We also have injecti-dry systems that ease the removal of water trapped beneath hard surfaces such as wood or tiles.  

Water loss incidents lead to soiling in different areas as the water and people moving around the building spread debris from one area to another. Thorough cleaning is necessary to restore sanitary conditions in the building. Our SERVPRO technicians use multi-surface scrubbers and professional cleaning agents to remove all forms of soiling.  

To overcome any challenges after a water loss in your office building, call SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. You can reach us at (360) 695-4418 any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Vancouver Property Owners Shout Out to SERVPRO for Flood Water Removal and Mitigation

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mitigates Flood Damaged Structures in Vancouver, "Like it never even happened."

Adverse Weather Conditions Leading to Flood Damage in Vancouver

During specific periods of the year, your home can be at risk of flooding. Frequently caused by heavy rainfall or road overflow, flood waters can be perilous; as little as two feet of flood water can uproot trees and flip vehicles. When water enters your home, it carries with it any pathogens it may have come into contact with as well as any loose debris. Your structural contents, including windows and doors, can also be damaged.

We run an emergency assistance service for flood damage in Vancouver. Our technicians are available on call during times of the year when adverse weather conditions are most likely. By making ourselves available in this way, we can visit sites to perform vital mitigation and safety tasks that could avoid the necessity of expensive replacements whenever possible.

As a SERVPRO fire and water damage cleanup company, we can enter your property to perform necessary safety checks. We test ceilings or floorboards for structural weakness, provide portable electrical power to the property as well as marking any potential hazards like loose wiring. Also, our team can perform emergency board ups to prevent your property from being at risk of theft or foul weather while work is ongoing.

Another essential duty of a restorer is to mitigate loss. SERVPRO technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). IICRC qualifications help us to act quickly and prevent permanent damages. That could include performing emergency drying for items of furniture or pumping large amounts of water out of the property to avoid damages to hardwood floors or fittings. We arrive with truck-mounted pumps, portable and submersible pumps, and wet-vacs with special wand attachments to quickly extract any standing water.

In severe flood-related damages, you may find contaminated grey or black water. In the case of a road overflow, the presence of raw sewage is likely. Our service offers BioHazardous waste disposal to help clean, disinfect, and clear your property as well as removing any contaminated materials such as drywall or carpet.

Our emergency services team could help you mitigate loss, contact SERVPRO of W. Vancouver / Clark Co. at (360) 695-4418 today.

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